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Excited about native Hawaiian plants? There are many ways to learn more, help conservation efforts, and see them in person!

Prevent extremely rare plants from going extinct.

PEPP helps protect about half of the 423 Threatened and Endangered plant species in Hawaiʻi. Since its inception, PEPP’s tireless work has resulted in the successful collections of 117 PEP species and the placement of more than 51,000 seedlings, representing over 100 of Hawai‘i’s rarest species, back into the wild. Get involved by volunteering or donating today.

Contribute to conservation efforts across Hawaii.

Use this family-friendly tool to for find opportunities to work, volunteer, intern, research, or donate to organizations that are stewarding the land, ocean, and cultural sites of Hawaiʻi.

Visit a botanical garden.

Most botanical gardens in Hawaii have native Hawaiian plants. Check out this list and visit one today!

Connect with native plants in the wild!

Use this site to learn the righteous way to interact with native species in their habitat.

Center for Plant Conservation

Learn how plants – including rare plants –  are integral to a healthy planet and how their incredible diversity make life as we know it possible.

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