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  • Caly

Oh they grow so fast!

Caly’s unexpected batch of seedlings that emerged just below the main stem in 2019 are all still alive and well!

Actually, there are now 4 keiki instead of the 3 identified in December 2019.

The fourth new keiki is a lot smaller and could be a new recruit from last year, which indicates that seedling germination events for this species, when given the right conditions and protection, is not a rare once-in-a-life time event despite being rarely observed for this species…

The three previously identified seedlings are doing really well and have grown quite a bit.

They are all quite near the humid slope bottom, which may make them susceptible to invasive snail damage, but thankfully managers have treated the area to control those pests.

These tiny incredible plants thankfully survived the recent pig invasion into their protective fence... Could it be that those menacing leaf spikes present in young leaves of Cyanea calycina did their jobs in keeping the predators away?


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