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Student perspectives

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

It has been more than 4 years now since Caly (a robust Cyanea calycina individual) has been live on camera, and Caly has continued to put on quite a show!

November, 2021

Caly in November, 2017

November, 2017

Over this time, many students have had the opportunity to utilize the platform to view and interpret the environment where some of Hawaii’s rarest species reside. Below is a small sample of inspiring comments that students have shared:


“Focusing on Caly is an important project because it represents, in this one plant, the current constant global struggle the environment faces today.”

“I feel like endangered species are glossed over and typically “given up on” because they misinterpret it as “it’s all over” or the species is at a point of no return, which is not always the case! I think if a group are dedicated enough, they can help revive a dying species, it just takes a lot of time and effort!”

“In class, we talked about how there is lack of funding to preserve these species but there are people willing to spend their hours on the problem at hand.”

“Malama aina is a deep meaning that never has a finish line, and with the help and awareness of others, we can help the earth and plants that are struggling to survive.”

“The outstanding practices of conservation scientists are implementing to help restore and preserve the native forest will most likely offset decades of bad practices by people who unwisely thought the earth could not be damaged.”

“Although the loss of one adult stem ready to fruit was a significant loss, overall the event highlighted the tenacity of Caly as she survives in the wild.”

“There is a ton of effort/work being done to try and make this Hawaiian plant plentiful again, like it once was in the Wai'anae Mountain's rain forests. That's really, really awesome.”

“Although conservation and restoration will take time, the values of society hopefully reflect the desire to preserve not only our heritage, but our land (aina)”

“We still need the shelter and resources provided by the native forests to survive”

“The life of Caly is anything but secure in the Waianae mountains. Yet she still perseveres and lives on.”



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