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Explore the life of Caly, one of the last plants of its kind.

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Caly lives on top of a mountain in Hawai’i. Its species, Cyanea calycina, can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It is critically endangered and faces extinction.

Most will never reach Caly’s remote Hawaiian forest, but plantCam offers you a real-time window into this wao akua to connect you to Hawaii's rare and endangered flora. Invasive species and climate change continuously threaten Caly’s survival. PlantCam collects and visualizes data in real-time to show how environmental variability influences the growth of native plants and guide conservation efforts.

Live Images

This is a live image of Caly. Visit often to see Caly and neighbors grow, greet visitors, and respond to rain, wind, and drought. Short on time? Check out the time lapses to see how dynamic the conditions are!

This is a live image of the valley where Caly lives, updated every fifteen minutes.

Time Lapses

We know, plants grow slowly! Below are some time-lapses to help you see Caly grow in the changing environment up on the mountain.

5-Day timelapse

Long-term timelapse

Want to help conservation efforts, see native plants, or write Caly a message?

We’ve seen Caly through a lot, disasters and miracles alike. Join us on Caly's incredible journey.

Caly's Growth

Below, you can visualize the short-term fluctuation of Caly’s stem, and compare it with simultaneously collected environmental data. You can use the slider below the graph to zoom in on a particular time period.

** Note to students: Data stopped transmitting on Dec 3, so use the data below to complete the assignment.

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What's the latest with Caly?

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