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  • Caly

Caly's main stem saved at Lyon arboretum!

Back in February, there was little hope for saving the Caly's adult stem that was severed when the tree nearly killed Caly...

Within minutes of plantCam notifying us that disaster had struck, we rushed up the hill knowing time was already running out. That day we did something we did not expect to do in a million years: we hiked Caly's main stem down the mountain and rushed it to Lyon arboretum's plant propagation lab in hope that it could be saved.

Defying all odds, Caly is doing really well at Lyon and even has new shoots!

Who knows... maybe sometime soon we can look forward to have her planted out again!

For many rare plants, unexpected random events such as a simple tree fall can bring a plant closer to extinction. Caly was fortunate given all of the attention we have given her with plantCam. For most rare plants, we often realize disaster has struck when it is too late...

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