• Caly

Flower season is here!

Despite the very dry spring, I am now in full flower! This year, I am joined in flowering by a few of my keiki stems that have been growing vigorously since last year when the forest canopy fell on me -I mean- opened up quite a bit…

1 week before flower bloom

Current image from live camera showing bloom

Unfortunately, like many other rare Hawaiian lobelioids, I rely on also rare native forest birds to pollinate my flowers… Because of it, we really appreciate the conservation efforts to help when there are no birds around!

This year I have bloomed 15 days earlier than last year. Have you noticed any changes in other plants you know between this and past years?

plantCam is a collaboration between USGS, PICCC, University of Hawaiʻi, US FWS, Hawaiʻi DLNR