• Caly

Time lapse of this year’s flower bloom!

This year’s flower bloom was short and intense… Check the image below for the entire animation! Compare it with last year's bloom when I clearly was still recovering from the nearby tree fall.

I was not the only Cyanea or native plant in flower around here! The nearby Cyanea grimesiana and the Cyanea membranacea (that is also being monitored) are also putting quite a show!

Cyanea grimesiana

Cyanea membranacea

How incredible would it be to stroll through a forest full of these incredible Hawaiian plants, adorned by beautiful native forest birds and colorful land snails? Conservation efforts in Hawaii are not only about preventing more species losses, but about giving the future generations a chance to connect to such an awe-inspiring Hawaii..

plantCam is a collaboration between USGS, PICCC, University of Hawaiʻi, US FWS, Hawaiʻi DLNR