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Not a typical Earth Day

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Happy Earth Day kākou!

Over the last month, the air has been cleaner than usual up here and the sounds of the natural world are easier to hear. Now that I have 24-hour internet access, I’ve realized that the environmental changes I have been seeing in this gully near the top of the mountain are really just a microcosm of what is happening throughout the rest of the world. I also see that many of you are looking forward to a return to a normal way of life. As an endangered plant, I’ve been social distancing for quite a long time already, so I know how you feel!

With all the talk of returning to normal, I want to take this day to discover a new normal, and to recognize the opportunity to forge a more sustainable path. I would encourage you to move forward and not backwards in a time of profound local and global environmental change, and collectively move towards becoming more resilient to adapting to such changes. Let us create a future our keiki can be proud of.

I am certain that with the help of research, technology, and dedicated restoration ecologists, we will create a brighter future in a post-pandemic world. Be a voice for the environment, as your voice wants to be heard now more than ever. Despite all the uncertainty the future may bring, I can pretty much guarantee one thing: If I survive, so will you.


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